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Scott's Gulf Coast Beef

Quarter of Beef Deposit

Quarter of Beef Deposit

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1/4 Side (Quarter) of Beef
Average of 120 lbs of beef requiring 5.25 cu ft of upright freezer space.

We will deliver to the processor where they will get the animal's carcass weight, this weight is how we calculate the final price minus your deposit. Once the processor sends us your carcass weight we will then send you a final invoice that will be due in 7 days so we can release your name to the processor for your beef. For optimum taste and tenderness, the beef is hung to dry age for 21 days. It is then processed per your cutting instructions. And once the processor calls you for pick up it is your responsibility to pick up your beef or make arrangements with us to pick up for you to pick up at the ranch on the agreed upon date and time. 

*When ordering a quarter side of beef you will get a pre determined cut sheet which will include a variety of cuts. You will receive a mix of steaks, roasts, ground beef, brisket, ribs, and fajitas. 
Non Refundable Deposit of $125.00 to secure your order.

Weight and Cost Example:
*Average Hanging Weight:  800 lbs
*Carcass Price:  $6.00/Lb( Includes Processing)
*1/4 Beef - $1200.00
*Remember this is all relative to the carcass weight which will vary from one animal to the next. This is just an average.

Following the trimming, deboning, and 21 day aging, your finished product would roughly be 120 lbs if you purchased a 1/4 beef. 

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